Dispute Resolution & Mediation

Family issues?

It's good to talk...

Those who have been involved in any sort of dispute know the value of the 'it's good to talk' adage. However with family disputes, emotions run particularly high and being able to talk openly to your partner is often more easily said than done. The close emotional ties that bind personal relationships ensure that resolving problems within families can prove to be complex and challenging, and it is a sad fact that many personal or family disputes can result in long lasting detrimental emotional and financial implications for all parties.

This is where an independent and impartial third party can help the family, or those in dispute within it, settle the conflict before they cause further, more lasting problems. Both arbitration and mediation are more commonly seen as more agreeable methods with which to resolve such disagreements or disputes.

Mediation provides a supportive environment in which to discuss the best way forward. It is a confidential and voluntary process, which can take varying lengths of time, dependent upon the parties and how many issues there are. As a neutral third person, the mediator will work with those in dispute to facilitate co-operation, helping them to identify the issues and reach a settlement in a controlled yet relaxed manner; thereby ensuring that needs of all parties, and in particular the needs of any children, are met in a way that is fair and equitable.

One of the many benefits of mediation is that the parties retain control of the situation. By contrast, if the parties proceed to Court then there is no guaranteed outcome and the decision rests with another party.

The mediator has no power to impose a settlement and so the resolution of the dispute will be one that the parties will have agreed to. Although the intention is to avoid the need to use more formal, legal or expensive procedures, it should be noted that this methodology does not diminish the effectiveness or legal standing of the agreed solution.