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Sometimes relationships falter to the point where you may feel that you need protection from your ex-partner. If you are feeling threatened or unsafe we can help you take action to stop your partner or any other person from worrying you. In such cases it is sometime necessary to apply to the Court for a Non-Molestation Order to prevent your partner from having any form of contact with you. This is commonly known as an injunction, which is a Civil Court Order that can be used to keep you safe by placing certain restrictions on the person, thereby reducing any further threat.

Injunctions can be obtained from the Court at very short notice, sometimes even on the same day. To start the proceedings, your partner does not even need to be informed that you are seeking an injunction.

Injunctions show the abusive person that you, and the Court, take their behaviour very seriously and that their actions are considered a serious threat to your safety. If the terms and conditions of the injunction are broken, it can lead to arrest and even imprisonment.

At Fosters Law, we can obtain an injunction on your behalf, speedily and economically. Our family department are experienced in handling these often frightening and difficult situations and you can trust us to deal with your case with sensitivity and care.