Financial Complications of a Separation

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for divorces & separations

In many situations there will be financial assets to consider upon the breakdown of a relationship: these may include property, joint bank accounts and pensions. It is important to consider the various options open to achieving settlement of such matters, including;

  • Negotiation
  • Mediation
  • Court proceedings


If financial matters are not concluded following divorce, your former spouse can bring claims against you after the divorce and may even claim against your estate following your death. Financial claims will remain open between you and your spouse until such time as agreement has been reached.

The Agreement should then be incorporated into a legal agreement known as a Consent Order and should be lodged at the Court at the same time as, or following the pronouncement of, the Decree Nisi, the final Decree in the divorce proceedings. We are able to assist you with such delicate and confidential financial matters in relation to your divorce.