Fair Deal Conveyancing

Risk-free conveyancing

For your peace of mind

At Fosters Law, we understand that buying or selling property comes with a certain amount of risk. Problems can arise that prevent the transaction proceeding, e.g. poor survey results, or sadly sometimes people simply change their mind. In such circumstances, you may end up paying legal costs, survey fees or other expenses.

So to help you, with our ‘Fair Deal Conveyancing’ offer, we are able to guarantee that, if your sale or purchase doesn’t proceed for reasons outside your control, you won’t face the expense of our charges for dealing with your abortive transaction – you will only have to pay the disbursements that we have paid out on your behalf, such as search fees etc.

Fair Deal Conveyancing won’t cost you anything initially either; when your sale or purchase transaction proceeds to completion, we will charge you a small additional fee over and above our standard conveyancing charges. Even with this, we think that you will still find our charges to be very competitive. Please ask for details and an exact quotation.

Please Note: Fair Deal Conveyancing will only apply when the transaction does not proceed for reasons out of the client's control, and is limited to the matter 'falling through' twice. For more information please contact info@countysolicitors.co.uk