Domestic Abuse

Are you a victim of domestic abuse?

Professional help is at hand...

Domestic abuse has many forms, including mental, emotional, financial, sexual and physical abuse. It is rarely a one-off incident and there is often a pattern of abusive behaviour.

Anyone affected by domestic abuse has rights under the law.

In the Domestic Abuse Team at Fosters Law, we ensure that the law is quickly applied to protect you and your children.

In certain cases it is sometimes necessary to apply to the Court for a non-molestation order to prevent your partner from having any contact with you. This is commonly known as an injunction, which is a Civil Court Order that can be used to keep you safe by placing certain restrictions on the person to try to prevent any further threat.

Injunctions can be obtained from the court at very short notice, sometimes even on the same day. Injunctions show the abusive person that you, and the Court, take their behaviour very seriously.

Fosters Law are here to help protect you and your family from physical & psychological abuse.

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours. If you are at risk of harm, always call 999.