Children Issues

Expert legal advice

to protect the welfare of your children

Relationship breakdown often involves consideration of arrangements for the welfare of the children of the relationship. This may involve deciding where and with whom the children will live, what contact they will have with the non-resident parent, where they will attend school and what financial support will be available. Although relationship breakdown is traumatic for all concerned, the children's welfare must remain the most important consideration.

With many years' experience in practising family law, at County Solicitors we understand that children may often be used as bargaining tools during the divorce or separation process. Consequently we provide strong guidance on all children issues, ensuring that your children's interests are protected with the aim of avoiding conflict wherever possible.

The wellbeing and welfare of your children is a central consideration and we have an experienced team who can advise on issues such as:

  • Child Arrangement Plans (also known as residence or contact orders pre April 2014)
  • Financial support (child support) including Child Maintenance Service (formerly known as the Child Support Agency or CSA)
  • Contact
  • Prohibited Steps Orders and/or Specific Issue Orders